5 Tips For A Healthy Winter

  • by Michelle B.
  • 9 January 2018

5 Tips For A Healthy Winter

This time of year can be tough for the whole family. With the blustery winter weather and bugs spreading to each family member, keeping everyone healthy is a top priority. That’s why we recommend following these 5 tips to keep everyone’s immune health in tip-top shape for the winter.

  1. Fill the Family with Whole Foods

    Eating at Home?

    Buy fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, and healthy fats at the grocery store. You can find easy-to-make crockpot recipes and casseroles online (Pinterest is our favorite). If you find that it’s too hectic during the week to cook, find a weekend day to make several large recipes for the week.

    Eating Out?

    Homemade meals every day may not be realistic for you, we get it. If you’re going to eat out, choose restaurants or fast-food joints that offer a few healthy options. We like Chipotle’s chicken bowls (add extra veggies and guac), Chick-fil-A’s grilled chicken nuggets (avoid the fries), and McDonald’s Southwest Salad (try to limit the dressing).

  2. Stick with Bedtime

    It’s easier said than done, but making sure you and the family are getting enough sleep each night is key for a healthy immune system. Create a nighttime ritual that everyone can enjoy! Turn off the screens (they can keep you awake) and read a book or play a short game.

    Keep in mind the amount of sleep your kids need each night. It’s suggested that infants need 12 to 15 hours, toddlers need 11 to 14 hours, school-aged children need 9 to 11 hours, and teenagers need 8 to 10 hours. And, don’t forget you should try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep!

  3. Stay Hydrated

    Something as simple as drinking enough water can be a miracle for your immune health. Buy fun, reusable water bottles for the whole family and carry them with you everywhere. Encourage your kids to drink water with meals and snacks instead of sugary beverages like juice, soda, and sports drinks.

    You or your kids hate the taste of water? Try adding fruit to help naturally flavor the water. We suggest cucumbers, lemon, lime, and oranges—but feel free to get creative! Or, if your kids are hooked on sweet, tasty fruit juice, try adding small amounts of water to dilute their drinks.

  4. Exercise Together

    Although your kids might be involved in sports, or love to run and play outside with their friends, it’s important for mom to get exercise too! We know finding time to exercise yourself can be tough, so why not involve the whole family?

    Get creative in the colder months by finding an indoor pool to go swim, throw a 15-minute crazy dance party in the living room, host a Wii fit game night, bundle up and go for a hike, or enroll in a mommy and me fitness class.

  5. Take Probiotics

    Although we are programmed to think “bacteria = bad,” there are also good bacteria that help us stay healthy (aka probiotics). These helpful bacteria thrive in your gut where they support your overall digestive and immune health. In fact, research indicates that approximately 80% of your immune system resides in your gut—making a healthy balance of bacteria extremely beneficial.

    Learn more about giving probiotics to the whole family here.

About the Author

About the Author

Passionate writer and dog lover, Michelle continues to do crazy amounts of research and ask tons of questions to understand this health and wellness “thing.” She’s here to help break it down for you because health is a journey—and it’s better to do it with others.

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